Delivering for Marylanders

Whether it’s large investments in transportation, resources to protect the Chesapeake Bay, support for schools, students, seniors, affordable housing, COVID relief, or economic development initiatives, Chris has worked tirelessly as our Senator to deliver for Marylanders in every corner of our state.

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Helping Marylanders get through the pandemic

Chris pushed for and won vital funding for economic relief to help Maryland families, workers, and small businesses during the pandemic, including direct support payments for families, rental and food assistance, delivery of essential resources to seniors, and critical funding to ramp up efforts to beat the virus and improve accessibility and equity of vaccine distribution.

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An Economy that Works for Everyone

Chris believes the challenge of our time is building a stronger, more inclusive economy with more shared prosperity. That’s why he has led the charge to increase paychecks and benefits for working families and cut the costs of everything from prescription drugs to child care. He is the author of Build Back Better measures to end tax giveaways to the super wealthy so we can invest more in the success of every American.

Expanding Educational and Workforce Training Opportunities

Chris Van Hollen has always understood that there’s nothing more essential for our future success — as individuals, families, and a nation — than providing a quality education for every child and building ladders for career success. For Chris, that’s the foundation for expanding economic opportunities, and it’s why he’s been a champion for universal pre-k, led the fight to increase our investment in public schools, and pushed to expand apprenticeships, and reduce the costs of both community and four-year colleges.

Strengthening Public Safety and Ending Gun Violence

Safe neighborhoods require a combination of strong community organizations, effective and accountable policing, alternative 9–11 emergency responses for mental health situations, robust after-school programs, and sensible gun laws. Chris has led efforts on all these fronts, including standing up to the NRA and the gun lobby. He will not rest until we end the epidemic of gun violence.

Universal Access to Affordable and Quality Health Care

One of the most fundamental responsibilities of government is to ensure universal access to affordable health care. Chris has worked tirelessly to defend the Affordable Care Act against Republican attacks and increase access to mental health and other services. He has championed measures to reduce prescription drug and health care costs, address the medical debt crisis, and end health disparities that mostly impact women and minorities.

Keeping Our Promises to Our Seniors

Chris believes deeply in the promises we make to those who have earned the dignity of a secure retirement after paying into Medicare and Social Security all their working lives. He has been a leader in protecting and strengthening benefits for seniors and he’ll never back down from that fight. He has played a pivotal role in the battle to give Medicare the power to negotiate lower costs for prescription drugs and to close the existing coverage gaps for hearing, dental and vision services.

Keeping our Promises to our Veterans

A grateful nation must support those who are willing to risk their lives for our safety and freedom. Chris honors those who serve by working hard to provide them with quality health care, education benefits, affordable housing, and opportunities to start businesses. He has successfully brought numerous Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) to Maryland and helped veterans secure the medals they earned serving our nation.

Our Environment and the Planet

Environmental protection is not just about the future of our planet — it’s about clean air, public health and the quality of life for all. It’s also about jobs in the outdoors economy and our clean energy future. A longtime champion of the Chesapeake Bay, Chris has secured record federal funds to protect the Bay, and worked to include the clean water and key climate provisions in the recent BBB package. His Polluters Pay Climate Fund Act requires biggest polluters to help pay to cleanup the mess they created.

Protecting our Democracy and Ending Secret Money in Politics

Throughout his public service, Chris has worked to protect the right to vote and fight back against discriminatory attempts to disenfranchise Americans. An original sponsor of the Freedom to Vote Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, he believes we must urgently fortify our democracy against the “Big Lie” and GOP voter suppression laws. A leading proponent of campaign finance reform, Chris is the original author of the DISCLOSE Act, which would end the torrents of secret money poisoning our politics.

The Struggle for Equal Rights and Equal Justice

Chris’s leadership on some of the biggest issues of our time — whether it’s advancing civil rights, reforming our criminal justice system, or fighting for gender and LGBT equality — stems from a deeply held belief in the values of equal rights and equal justice for all Americans. He is an original sponsor of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and believes we need to end the private prison industry and treat drug addiction as a health issue, not a criminal act.

Women’s Health, Pay Equity and Choice

From his first days in the Maryland legislature to his current time in the Senate, Chris has been a recognized champion on issues vital for women and families. He is a staunch supporter of the Paycheck Protection Act to ensure equal pay for equal work and the Equal RIghts Amendment. He is also a fierce defender of a woman’s right to reproductive choice and an original sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act.


America is a nation of immigrants, from our founding to today. Chris believes that enabling immigrants to become a strong and vital part of our country is not just consistent with our values, but is a proven path to strengthening our economic future. Chris is an original co-sponsor of comprehensive immigration reform initiatives, which would combine a path to citizenship for Dreamers, TPS recipients and others with effective border security.

National Security and Foreign Policy

American leadership and engagement in the world are vital for our own security and to counter the rising tide of authoritarianism we see around the globe. Chris believes a strong, inclusive American economy is a critical backbone of effective leadership abroad. He has been working to advance our economic interests at home, counter illegal trade practices of China and others, end foreign influence in our elections, and promote human rights and democracy.