Learn what local Democratic leaders and progressive activists from across Maryland have to say about Chris Van Hollen:

Brian Frosh Maryland Attorney General

“I’ve known Chris for over 20 years, and he is, without a doubt, an extraordinarily gifted and effective legislator. He is passionate, hardworking, and smart — exactly who Maryland needs in the Senate. “Chris was a tenacious partner in our efforts in the Maryland State Senate to protect our State’s natural resources and pass common sense gun safety legislation. He has been at the forefront of our most critical national debates both as a skilled policymaker and an effective strategist, fighting for an economy that gives every hard working Marylander a chance to get ahead.”

Joanne Benson State Senator, Prince George’s County

“Chris understands Prince George’s County — and not only does he understand, but he has the good sense to find the resources to deliver. I want you to support a person who has a track record of getting things done and who has the ability to win friends and influence people.

“It’s not about race, creed or color; it’s about a person. We are looking for somebody who has the fire in their belly to serve, and that’s Chris Van Hollen.”

Isiah “Ike” Leggett Montgomery County Executive

“We need a proven leader like Chris Van Hollen, whose reputation for deep intellect, courage and leadership is unrivaled….

“Here in his home district, Chris has demonstrated that he can forge deep and lasting relationships with the diverse range of people and organizations, representing their interests and ensuring the critical investments here at home that move our county and Maryland forward. He is widely respected by each and every one of our local leaders.”

Maggie McIntosh State Delegate, Baltimore City

“For more than two decades, I’ve watched Chris take on the powerful special interests in Annapolis and Washington, and more importantly, I’ve seen how often he wins.

“These lobbyists for Big Oil, the NRA and opponents of LGBT equality in Maryland, they quickly learned to back down when Chris Van Hollen steps up to fight. I’m glad that my constituents in Baltimore will have another U.S. Senator who’s effective and tenacious when hardworking families need a champion.”

Rushern Baker Prince George’s County Executive

“When Chris represented a portion of Prince George’s County in the U.S. House of Representatives, he was instrumental in providing critical federal funding to assist our communities, our economy, our safety, our infrastructure, and our environment. As our next great U.S. Senator from Maryland, Chris will continue the legacy of Barbara Mikulski as a tireless fighter and champion for all Marylanders. For Prince George’s County, for Maryland, for America, I endorse Chris Van Hollen for U.S. Senate.”

Jan Gardner Frederick County Executive

“Chris Van Hollen hit the ground running when Frederick County became a part of his congressional district, reaching out right away to get to know this vibrant community. And this is what we now know about him: he fights for our kids’ education; he fights for women to have an equal seat at the table; and he fights for an economy that helps all Marylanders get ahead. He’s proven he can deliver for Frederick County, and we are confident he will deliver for all of Maryland as our next U.S. Senator.”

Delores Kelley State Senator, Baltimore County

“For years, I’ve known firsthand Chris’ tenacity and effectiveness as a bold progressive champion for all Marylanders, and when I talk to voters here in Baltimore County, they’re excited to support the only candidate for U.S. Senate who actually gets results for women, children and working families.”

Tawanna Gaines State Delegate, Prince George’s County

“Filling Barbara Mikulski’s shoes is no easy task, but Prince George’s county is lucky to have a U.S. Senate candidate with Chris’ record of effective and steadfast leadership on behalf of Maryland women, children and working families.”

Nancy Navarro Council Member, Montgomery County

“It is with great honor that I endorse Chris Van Hollen to be our next U.S. Senator. In a state that mirrors our national face — the demographic changes we have seen nationally are also here in Maryland — he understands very well, has always worked very closely with all sectors of our community.

“The Latino community in particular is a friend of Chris Van Hollen. He has always been there. He has always been a champion for the Latino community. And I will do everything possible to make sure he becomes our next U.S. Senator.”

Heather Mizeur Former State Delegate, Montgomery County

“While other people like to play us versus them politics, Chris Van Hollen and I like to look at how we’re going to get things done — and he’s been there with the progressive approach on education, on addressing income inequality and on the environment.

“It’s that kind of commitment to results — that kind of progressive, authentic, dedicated leadership and integrity that can never be questioned when we’re talking about Chris Van Hollen, and that makes him a stellar candidate for the United States Senate.”

Paul Pinsky State Senator, Prince George’s County

“In this race, Chris Van Hollen has exactly the kind of proven progressive leadership and record of getting things done that voters expect here in Prince George’s County and across Maryland.”

Yvette Lewis Former Chair, Maryland Democratic Party

“Everyone who knows and has worked with Chris Van Hollen knows his extraordinary effectiveness and commitment to the people he represents. He knows the power of engaging with voters at every level and from every community in Maryland.

“Senator Mikulski leaves a powerful legacy of fighting for our state. Chris knows that the health of the entire state depends on the success of each of its communities. Marylanders need someone who will fight for every one of us and work to get the job done. There is no question that our state would be best served by Chris Van Hollen in the United States Senate.”

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor

“I’ve known Chris Van Hollen for a long time — and to know Chris is to know that he puts the people of Maryland first. Retirement security is an issue on the minds of every Marylander — workers and small business owners, old and young. Chris’ plan to improve the tax code so it rewards retirement savings, as well as his work to strengthen Social Security and protect Medicare, are critical to our nation’s success. He also fights every single day to improve our schools, create good paying jobs, and ensure women have equal pay and equal access.

“Most importantly, Chris doesn’t just say the right thing — he has a clear track record of achievement on these critical issues. I’m thrilled to support his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.”

Susan Burke Women’s Rights Advocate, Baltimore

“As a longtime advocate for women’s rights – and especially for survivors of sexual assault in the military – I know that Chris Van Hollen is uniquely committed to our cause and will be a champion for women everywhere as our next U.S. Senator.”

Stephen Sachs Former Maryland Attorney General

“Chris’ record proves that he’s a savvy legislator who has a talent for finding common ground among differing viewpoints, and it’s clear that Chris understands that Baltimore is the economic and cultural heart of Maryland.”

Rosalyn Levy Jonas Former Board Chair, NARAL Pro-Choice America

“Chris Van Hollen is the leader Maryland needs and women deserve. His wealth of experience and effective leadership places him head and shoulders above the rest of the field. For women’s rights, Chris Van Hollen is a hero. This wonderful public servant should be Maryland’s next Senator.”

Susan Turnbull Former Chair, Maryland Democratic Party

“Anyone who knows Chris – and people in Maryland do – knows he has been an incredibly effective fighter for progressive causes. He’s the person we always turn to when it’s time to fight the Ryan budget plan and the right wing attacks on our country’s social safety net. He’s the person we turn to to shine the light on secret campaign money and to increase transparency in our election system. I am fully confident he will be a remarkable U.S. Senator, and he has my unqualified enthusiastic endorsement.”

Ed Chow Former Secretary, Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

“Chris Van Hollen has been a strong and consistent voice for veterans… He honors those who serve by working hard to make sure that their service is repaid with quality health care, education benefits, affordable housing, and opportunities to be successful in civilian life.”

ONE Maryland for Chris
Current and former local Elected Officials from across our state who have endorsed Chris for Senate
(Partial list still in formation)

Vicki Almond, Councilmember, Baltimore County

Curt Anderson, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Jud Ashman, Mayor, Gaithersburg-Montgomery County

John Astle, State Senator, Anne Arundel County

Vanessa Atterbeary, State Delegate, Howard County

Rushern Baker, County Executive, Prince George’s County

Charles Barkley, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Ben Barnes, State Delegate, Anne Arundel County/Prince George’s County

Erek Barron, State Delegate, Prince George’s County

Sadara Barrow, Mayor, Colmar Manor-Prince George’s County

Kumar Barve, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Mona Becker, Councilmember, Westminster-Carroll County

Pam Beidle, State Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Peter Benjamin, Mayor, Garrett Park-Montgomery County

Michael Bennett, Mayor, Aberdeen-Harford County

Joanne Benson, State Senator, Prince George’s County

Roger Berliner, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Cathy Bevins, Councilmember, Baltimore County

Mary Boergers, Former State Senator, Montgomery County

Talmadge Branch, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Karen Britto, Former State Delegate, Montgomery County

Jim Brochin, State Senator, Baltimore County

Bill Bronrott, Former State Delegate, Montgomery County

Benjamin Brooks, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Bev Byron, Former Member of Congress, Western Maryland

Joan Cadden, Former Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Pete Callas, Former State Delegate, Prince George’s County

James Campbell, Former State Delegate, Baltimore City/Baltimore County

Will Campos, Former Delegate, Prince George’s County

Al Carr, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Mark Chang, State Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Dave Chapman, Honorary Mayor of Lake Arbor, Prince George’s County

Virginia Clagett, Former State Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Mary Pat Clarke, Councilmember, Baltimore City

Luke Clippinger, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Barbara Condos, Councilmember, Somerset-Montgomery County

Grace Connolly, Register of Wills, Baltimore County

Joan Carter Conway, State Senator, Baltimore City

Bonnie Cullison, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Robert Curran, Councilmember, Baltimore City

Ulysses Currie, State Senator, Prince George’s County

C Richard D’Amato, Former Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Ed DeGrange, State Senator, Anne Arundel County

Connie DeJuliis, Former State Delegate, Baltimore County

Patricia Dennison, Councilmember, Berwyn Heights-Prince Georges

Jerry Donald, County Councilmember, Frederick County

John Donoghue, Former State Delegate, Washington County

Kathleen Dumais, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Eric Ebersole, Delegate, Baltimore County/Howard County

Marc Elrich, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Brian Feldman, State Senator, Montgomery County

Diana Fennell, State Delegate, Prince George’s County

Jessica Fitzwater, County Councilmember, Frederick County

Tom Fitzpatrick, Board of Education Member, Harford County

Nancy Floreen, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Peter Fosselman, Mayor, Kensington-Montgomery County

Diane Foster, Councilmember, Taneytown-Carroll County

Bernie Fowler, Former State Senator, Calvert County

J. Charles “Chuck” Fox, Former Secretary of Natural Resources, State of Maryland

David Fraser-Hidalgo, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Bill Frick, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Brian Frosh, Attorney General, State of Maryland

Barbara Frush, State Delegate, Anne Arundel County/Prince George’s County

Paula Fudge, Councilmember, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

Tracey Furman, Councilmember, Kensington-Montgomery County

Tawanna Gaines, State Delegate, Prince George’s County

Jan Gardner, County Executive, Frederick County

Henri Gardner, Mayor Pro Tem, Bowie-Prince George’s County

John Giannetti, Former State Delegate, Prince George’s County

James Gilchrist, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Esther Gelman, Former Councilmember, Montgomery County

Parris Glendening, Former Governor, State of Maryland

Cheryl Glenn, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Carolyn Greis, Councilmember, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

Joseph Griffin, Register of Wills, Montgomery County

Melony Griffith, Former State Delegate, Prince George’s County

Brian Grim, Mayor, Cumberland-Allegany County

Ana Sol Gutierrez, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Guy Guzzone, Senator, Montgomery County

David Gysberts, Mayor, Hagerstown-Washington County

Peter Hammen, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Neil Harris, Councilmember, Gaithersburg-Montgomery County

Anne Healey, State Delegate, Prince George’s County

Shelly Hettleman, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Sheila Hixson, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Paula Hollinger, Former State Senator, Baltimore County

Marvin Holmes, State Delegate, Prince George’s County

James Hubbard, Former Delegate, Prince George’s County

Tom Hucker, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Harry Hughes, Former Governor, State of Maryland

Barbara Hoffman, Former State Senator, Baltimore City/ Baltimore County

Helen Holton, Councilmember, Baltimore City

James Ireton Jr., Mayor, Salisbury-Wicomico County

Sally Jameson, State Delegate, Charles County

Julian Jones, Councilmember, Baltimore County

William Jones, State’s Attorney, Dorchester County

Cheryl Kagan, State Senator, Montgomery County

Kevin Kamenetz, County Executive, Baltimore County

Ed Kasemeyer, State Senator, Baltimore County/Howard County

Sidney Katz, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Anne Kaiser, State Delegate, Montgomery County

M.C. Keegan-Ayer, County Councilmember, Frederick County

Delores Kelley, State Senator, Baltimore County

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend , Former Lt. Governor, State of Maryland

Nancy King, State Senator, Montgomery County

Marnitta King, Mayor, Capitol Heights-Prince George’s County

Nancy Kopp, Treasurer, State of Maryland

Marc Korman, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Benjamin Kramer, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Carol Krimm, State Delegate, Frederick County

Steve Lafferty, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Clarence Lam, State Delegate, Baltimore County/Howard County

Gloria Lawlah, Former Maryland Secretary of Aging, State of Maryland

Minh Le, Board of Managers, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

Susan Lee, State Senator , Montgomery County

Ike Leggett, County Executive, Montgomery County

Karen Lemon, Register of Wills, Wicomico County

Elissa Leonard, Board of Managers, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

George Leventhal, President, County Council, Montgomery County

Larry Levitan, Former State Senator, Montgomery County

Doris Lewis, Register of Wills, Dorchester County

Yvette Lewis, Former Democratic State Party Chair, State of Maryland

Eric Luedtke, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Brooke Lierman, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Adrienne Mandel, Former State Delegate, Montgomery County

Richard Madaleno, State Senator , Montgomery County

Roger Manno, State Senator , Montgomery County

Jimmy Marcos, Councilmember, Bowie-Prince George’s County

John McCarthy, State’s Attorney, Montgomery County

Joli McCathran, Mayor, Washington Grove-Montgomery County

Byron Macfarlane, Register of Wills, Howard County

Tim Maloney, Former Delegate, Prince George’s County

Nathaniel McFadden, State Senator, Baltimore City

Maggie McIntosh, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Tom McMillen, Former Member of Congress, Fourth Congressional District, State of Maryland

Sean McMullen, Councilmember, Kensington-Montgomery County

Barbara Meiklejohn, Clerk of Court, Montgomery County

Cris Mendoza, Councilmember, Bladensburg-Prince George’s County

Thomas “Mac” Middleton, State Senator, Charles County

Malinda Miles, Mayor, Mount Rainer-Prince George’s County

Aruna Miller, State Delegate, Montgomery County

John Miller, Burgess, Middletown-Frederick County

Mike Miller, President of the Maryland Senate, Calvert County, Charle’s County, Prince George’s County

Heather Mizeur, Former State Delegate, Montgomery County

Craig Moe, Mayor, Laurel-Prince George’s County

David Moon, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Marice Morales, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Dan Morhaim, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Mark Mumford, Clerk of Courts, Kent County

Peter Murphy, County Commissioner, Charles County

Nancy Navarro, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

William Nichols, County Councilmember, Dorchester County

Nathaniel Oaks, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Patricia O’Neill, Board of Education Member, Montgomery County

Scott Patterson, State’s Attorney, Talbot County

Franny Peale, Councilmember, Somerset-Montgomery County

Gregory Pecoraro, Councilmember, Westminster-Carroll County

Shane Pendergrass, State Delegate, Howard County

Marsha Perry, Former State Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Carol Petzold, Former State Delegate, Montgomery County

Margaret Phillips, Register of Wills, Calvert County

Paul Pinsky, State Senator, Prince George’s County

Andrew Platt, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Darren Popkin, Sheriff, Montgomery County

Diane Polangin, Councilmember, Bowie-Prince George’s County

Danny Prats Jr., Mayor, Laytonsville-Montgomery County

Andrew Pruski, Councilmember, Anne Arundel County

Pam Queen, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Tom Quirk, Councilmember, Baltimore County

Victor Ramirez, State Senator, Prince George’s County

Jamie Raskin, State Senator , Montgomery County

Edward Reisinger, Council Vice-President, Baltimore City

Kirill Reznik, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Craig Rice, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Hans Riemer, County Councilmember, Montgomery County

Petrella Robinson, Mayor, North Brentwood-Prince George’s County

Shane Robinson, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Jim Rosapepe, State Senator, Anne Arundel County/Prince George’s County

G. Frederick Robinson, Mayor, Bowie-Prince George’s County

Sandy Rosenberg, State Delegate, Baltimore City

Justin Ross, Former Delegate, Prince George’s County

Robert Rucci, County Commissioner, Charles County

Dutch Ruppersberger, Member of Congress, Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District

Steve Sachs, Former Attorney General, State of Maryland

Natasha Saifee, Councilmember, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

Frederick Schultz, Councilmember, Takoma Park-Montgomery County

Michael Sesma, Councilmember, Gaithersburg-Montgomery County

Steve Shaff, Former Attorney General, State of Maryland

Marnie Shaul, Councilmember, Somerset-Montgomery County

Mary Kay Sigaty, Councilmember, Howard County

William Smith, State Delegate, Montgomery County

Jarrett Smith, Councilmember, Takoma Park-Montgomery County

Ted Sophocleus, State Delegate, Anne Arundel County

Rikki Spector, Councilmember, Baltimore City

Ryan Spiegel, Councilmember, Gaithersburg-Montgomery County

Dana Stein, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Kate Stewart, Mayor, Takoma Park-Montgomery County

Kathy Strom, Councilmember, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

Charles Sydnor, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Vicky Taplin, Councilmember, Chevy Chase-Montgomery County

Deni Taveras, County Councilmember, Prince George’s County

Herman Taylor, Former Delegate, Montgomery County

Jen Terrasa, Councilmember, Howard County

Virginia Thomas, Former Delegate, Howard County

Richard Travers, County Councilmember, Dorchester County

Rocio Treminio Lopez, Mayor, Brentwood-Prince George’s County

Isaac Trouth, Councilmember, Bowie-Prince George’s County

Chris Trumbauer, County Councilmember, Anne Arundel County

Susan Turnbull, Former Democratic State Party Chair, State of Maryland

Frank Turner, State Delegate, Howard County

Todd Turner, County Councilmember, Prince George’s County

Veronica Turner, Former State Delegate, Prince George’s County

Joseph Tydings, Former United States Senator, State of Maryland

Robert Wack, President, Council, Westminster-Carroll County

Jeff Waldstreicher, State Delegate, Montgomery County

M. Courtney Watson, Former County Councilmember, Howard County

Jon Weinstein, Councilmember, Howard County

Edgar Wentz, Councilmember, Union Bridge-Carroll County

Alex Williams, Former Federal Judge, Prince George’s County

Bruce Williams, Former Mayor, Takoma Park-Montgomery County

William ‘Gee’ Williams III, Mayor, Berlin-Worcester County

C.T. Wilson, State Delegate, Charles County

Gerald Winegrad, Former State Senator, Anne Arundel County

Bernard “Jack” Young, City Council President, Baltimore City

Pat Young, State Delegate, Baltimore County

Karen Lewis Young, State Delegate, Frederick County

Ronald Young, State Senator, Frederick County

Barbara Zeughauser, Councilmember, Somerset-Montgomery County

Bobby Zirkin, State Senator, Baltimore County

Craig Zucker, State Senator, Montgomery County