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VIDEO: “Already Great”

VIDEO: “Able”

VIDEO: “Purple Heart”

VIDEO: “Impact”

VIDEO: Get Out The Vote!

VIDEO: “Together”

VIDEO: One Maryland

VIDEO: “Effectiveness”

Why I’m with Chris: Artis Hampshire-Cowan

Why I’m with Chris: Montina Anderson

Why I’m with Chris: Jen P.

Why I’m with Chris: Ann G.

Why I’m with Chris: Seda G.

RADIO: “Bridge”

RADIO: “Maggie”

RADIO: “Strong”

VIDEO: Delivering Results

VIDEO: Standing Up for Social Security

VIDEO: Results for Education and Our Children

VIDEO: Chris Van Hollen: Bold. Effective. Democrat for Senate.

VIDEO: A Champion for Women and Families

VIDEO: Leading the Fight

VIDEO: Taking on the Special Interests

VIDEO: Maryland Leaders and Activists on Why They Support Chris Van Hollen.

VIDEO: Chris Van Hollen on MSNBC Demanding Action on Common Sense Gun Legislation

VIDEO: Chris Van Hollen’s Announces His Economic Action Plan at the Center for American Progress

Chris Van Hollen details his Economic Action Plan to grow the paychecks of all, not just the wealthy few. Chris’s plan will help grow the economy with more broadly shared prosperity, boosting middle class families and those working hard to join the middle class.

VIDEO: Chris Van Hollen Discusses His Plan to Get Secret Outside Money Out of Politics at the American Enterprise Institute

Chris Van Hollen talks about the need for campaign finance reform following the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling in Citizens United. He has introduced the DISCLOSE Act to help give voters a political system that is more transparent, fair, and accountable.

VIDEO: Chris Van Hollen’s Speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC

Chris Van Hollen: Champion for Women, Families and Seniors