Keeping Our Promises to Our Seniors

Chris believes deeply in the promises we make to those who have earned the dignity of a secure retirement after paying into Medicare and Social security all their working lives. He has been a leader in protecting and strengthening benefits for seniors and he’ll never back down from that fight.

Eighty years ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law.  Since that time, Social Security has been one of our country’s most successful government programs, providing a lifeline to millions of Americans and offering them, and their families, the ability to retire in dignity.  

Despite this fact, Social Security and Medicare have been under attack in recent years.  Republican proposals to privatize Medicare and cut back Social Security benefits would reverse our national commitment to provide financial security to families when the breadwinner can no longer work due to retirement, disability, or death.

When Paul Ryan and the House Republicans put forward budget plans to end Medicare’s guarantee of health care for seniors and cut Social Security benefits, the Democrats in Congress asked Chris Van Hollen to lead the fight to stop them. And he has.

Chris has successfully fought to protect and strengthen seniors’ retirement security for his entire career.  He has earned a 100% rating from the Alliance for Retired Americans and his effectiveness has been praised publicly by Max Richtman, President of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, who has said that “seniors, workers with disabilities – including veterans – and survivors can count on Chris Van Hollen to protect their earned Social Security benefits.” He also said that having Chris at the table in budget negotiations has been “the savior for us for years now.”

Chris is fighting to expand benefits as a leading supporter of the Social Security 2100 Act to increase retirement benefits and ensure long-term, sustainable solvency, and the Social Security Caregivers Credit Act which would improve benefits for millions of Americans – especially women – who work as caregivers for their families.

As a member of the Democratic leadership and senior Democrat on the Budget Committee, Chris worked hand-in-hand with President Obama to strengthen Medicare through the Affordable Care Act and has fought successfully to stop Republican efforts to turn the program into a voucher program – which would burden seniors with more risk and higher costs.  

A nation can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable.  With the decline of pensions and limited availability and volatility of 401K plans, hard working Americans are more vulnerable than ever to economic uncertainty in their later years.  Social Security and Medicare are effective programs that we must work to strengthen and secure for future generations.